5 Foolproof Productivity Hacks

image source: productivityrex.com

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Hey there! Ready to be superduper productive like never before?

Awesome! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting it done on the run.

  1. Put your phone away
  2. Stop messing around on social media, unless it’s pertinent to accomplishing your task
  3. Stop checking email
  4. Stop reading articles about how to increase your productivity
  5. The first 4 hacks are so efficient that another is superfluous, yet this one can be thought of as a handy mantra to summarize the rest—just focus on your work


This approach has a 100% success rate.

Good luck, and please share if you found this useful.


  1. I am so confused. Could you expound on tips 1 – 4? Preferably on Medium and make the word count > 1000. Thanks in advance.

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