#crunchup demos: round 1

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Hot Potato — Web and iPhone app focused on streaming around events, allows you to share to your social streams. Will be live in a few minutes. itunes approval coming soon, perhaps today.

Seesmic — Announcing Seesmic for BlackBerry and Android.

Qwisk — Extension like app, that aggregates your social feeds in a browser sidebar. Nothing to install, free. Drag and drop photos, videos, etc with drag and drop technology. Friends can view images and video in the Qwisk sidebar. Drag a friend onto a page to send to a friend. Very cool, fluid, interesting functionality that connects things on one page. Private beta launches today, visit TechCrunch now for link. (500 invites)

Knx.to — Control and connect your social accounts. Find connections across multiple social accounts. Everyone you know, all in one place. Link info across social networks.

StatusNet – “WordPress for microblogging.” Open-source mircoblogging platform, create your own microblogging community.

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