Get Local with Global Campaigns

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I recently spoke with the nice people at about localizing global campaigns.

D.IO: What feelings does your country / city evoke?
Doug: Creative, rugged, innovative, compassionate and progressive.

D.IO: Do you think it is important to localise international campaigns? Why?
Doug: It is important. Each country and differing areas within a country have a different perspective, baseline audience, social norms, and even regulatory. If a brand communication isn’t further tailored to the specific local audience it seeks to connect with, messaging may go wide of the mark.

D.IO: Is it a make or break for brands to localise? Why do you say so?
Doug: Well, it depends on the brand, the communication, and the audience. If the creative work speaks to a human experience anyone can relate to, then localizing isn’t make or break. However, if the messaging doesn’t connect with the region, or worse, is offensive to a local culture, this runs the risk of doing the brand real harm (at least on the local level).

D.IO: Do you believe as a creative you are well placed to help brands translate local nuances? Why?

Doug: As ever, it’s a combination of audience insight, strategy, and creative execution. I don’t believe a creative needs to be local to a specific area to communicate local nuances — they just need to know what those local sensibilities are.

A common approach is for a lead agency to set the global brand experience in motion, then allow the brand’s local representatives and agencies to customize the creative to align with local nuances.

Interested in reading more? Please check out the full interview.

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