Not Feeling So Lucky

Today, I got an email encouraging me to follow Lucky on Twitter. But why would I want to? They don't provide a very compelling reason.

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I like Lucky Brand’s clothes. I wear them frequently. But only I buy things when they’re on sale or from the outlet store up in Napa.

So I get their emails. Today, I got this one encouraging me to follow Lucky on Twitter.

Ok. Maybe. I look at their tweetstream.

So, why would I want to follow them on Twitter?

Same stuff as the emails. Nothing compelling. It’s not like Dell with lots of deals. Receive an exclusive offer just for Twitter followers? Me thinks me smells a DM. No way I’m gonna follow. Just more noise.

Too bad. Another brand broadcasting the exact same thing as their emails and not adapting. Seems like a lost opportunity for a brand that should be relevant in social spaces.

Why not talk to people and give away exclusive discount codes that you can only get by following them? That would be more motivating.

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