Obama: Innovative Advertising

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Politics aside, Obama and his entire camp are messaging geniuses.

After buying a 30-minute block of prime time coverage, that wasn’t enough for Obama. Leaving nothing to chance and no stone unturned in the hunt for more votes, the Obama camp is reaching out to specific demographics by embedded advertising in video games.

As a brand, this speaks volumes about Obama. Namely, that the brand gets it. The brand understands where to find new and future loyalists. By messaging in this medium, the Obama brand shows it knows how to find the demographic it wants, get free PR out of it, AND, at the same time, validates the entertainment choices (and lifestyle) that older generations may have frowned upon. The move rings with a certain inclusiveness.

Via the Guardian’s Deadline USA blog:

Not content with Facebook, YouTube, radio and TV, adverts backing Obama for president have now been embedded in video games.

This makes him the first presidential candidate to buy up computer game space (for an undisclosed amount), which has been done on 18 video games including the Xbox 360 game Burnout Paradise, as well as Guitar Hero and Madden 09.

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