Social Media Platforms for Enterprise :: Cutting Down on the Noise

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Involved in a business with strong social media engagement?

Looking for a way to make Sharepoint more complete and collaborative?

Trying to figure out how your business can integrate and shift towards using social media?

Here’s Robert Scoble sitting down with Jive’s CEO, Dave Hersh, to openly discuss what’s changing with social media for business. How do you cut down on the noise and filter the content your brand needs? What’s going on with Jive’s competitors and how does that affect Jive? Now that businesses have finally accepted social media as valid, how can enterprise better integrate and collaborate? Can Jive support an ecosystem built around it?

Very interesting and refreshingly candid discussion.

I haven’t used Jive myself. I would be curious to hear feedback from those that have!

Via Building 43:

The enterprise software industry was shaken recently by a Salesforce announcement that it was going to include a component in its customer relationship management software that functions in ways similar to Twitter and Facebook.

The announcement came the same day Microsoft officially confirmed on a development blog that a similar effort called Outlook Social Connector would be included in Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.

The news from the two high-profile players signaled that all enterprise software likely will become social with features that work like those on Facebook and Twitter, letting users have social network information about customers and colleagues at their fingertips.

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