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Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I've spent most of my life doing creative and strategic work.

My passion is in helping people to transform their lives, especially their health.

To me, benefiting humanity through business isn't just necessary. Positive social impact is exciting, fun, and the best way to build a brand story that people remember. That's why I find it so rewarding to work with healthcare, medical device, tech, sustainability, and finance brands that improve daily life.


With a balanced mix of in-house, agency, and consultative experience, I offer 20 years of experience as creative and strategic lead at healthcare companies, traditional ad agencies, healthcare brand experience agencies, digital agencies, and boutique agencies. My experience has been focused in the medical device, biotech, pharma, wellness/prevention, internet, tech, finance, and sustainability sectors.


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☆ Market Research

☆ Brand Identify and Brand Story

☆ Brand Strategy

☆ Creative Direction

☆ Global Communications

☆ Brand and Product Positioning

☆ Market Strategy

☆ Go-to-Market Planning

☆ Digital and Social Strategy

☆ Content Strategy

☆ Copywriting

☆ Educational Campaigns

☆ Product Launches

☆ Audience Segmentation

☆ Audience Analysis & Insights

☆ Consumer Activation

☆ Multichannel Messaging Strategies

☆ Practitioner and Patient Engagement

☆ Corporate Communications

☆ Culture and Process Improvement

☆ Agency Selection

☆ Management Consultations